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Disclaimer: A written bio is 2 dimensional at best.  Listing that which others deem worthy of existing on a page is very different than that which makes the subject want to live, to thrive, to express. So here it goes. 

Nia Peeples is an author, actress, singer, dancer and host of TV shows. Best known for the international hit TV series Fame, Walker Texas Ranger, and Pretty Little Liars, she also co-starred in the surf cult classic movie The North Shore and the award winning miniseries Return to Lonesome Dove.  Early in her career, Nia recorded two albums garnering her a  #1 record and multiple Cashbox and Billboard awards. She was the host of the Emmy award winning series Teen Scene, the first Disney channel show, and the first MTV series outside of the NYC studio. Nia then went on to host the American arm of the iconic UK music show, Top of the Pops as well as her own music show produced by Arsenio Hall and Paramount Studios called The Party Machine with Nia Peeples. She performed solo on the Grammys and the Golden Globe awards as well as at the massive European music concert, Peter’s Pop Show.  As one of the first multiracial entertainers, Nia is credited with helping to break the glass ceiling in Hollywood, laying new pathways for all artists to be observed and experienced beyond their race and into their essence and talent.


In 2015, with her youngest child heading off to college and her last series ending,  Nia took a 7 year sabbatical from her intense 35 year career to wander and listen more deeply to what was wanting to flow through her next. She has now settled back in her hometown of West Covina for a year, to complete the memoir of her journey, Confessions of a Serial Monogamist - Journey of the Feminine Rising, and to give back to the city that held her so graciously and helped launch her into her dreams.

Beyond the Basics

Nia on her career: Wow! The people, the places, the exquisite beauty of nature,  the extreme pressure of the limelight, the stresses pushing me to expand, all of it has made life so rich. The best part of every experience I had in my career has been the people: their cultures, their food, their traditions, all incredibly unique. Overall the sheer kindness and creativity of people are astounding. To have been able to share that with my children as they were growing up is profound and joyous beyond what words can convey. When they were grown and out the door, the question became, “Who am I?  I know I’m more than a label, a bio, a title or an accomplishment. So…what do I really want?”


Nia on her 7 years of wandering: Wow! I took a serious sabbatical to listen deeply to the More of that which I am,  the calling of the Divine from within. This crazy journey took me from the beaches of Suva to the hills of Bosnia and Israel. From the mountains of Peru to the plains of New Mexico. From the sacred waters of Ireland and Balil to Music Row in Nashville, TN.   It led me to mystics and scientists, healers and masters,  sacred temples and tombs and now I’m back home where it all began….so here we go:)

Little Apple Tree

The Little Apple Tree

By Nia Peeples

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