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There's something that happens when artists come together for the sole purpose of expressing with each other's energy.  Yes you rehearse. Yes you know before hand what you're doing.  But it's energy that's moving in real time and therefor there is this co-creation that happens in that moment that can never be repeated. Like riding a wave in the ocean, it's a once in a lifetime ride. And when you get locked It's hypnotic, it's harmonic, and can feel like the greatest truth because it is: "Life is always creating." It's just that in the arena of live performance, it demands your full attention and reverence.

"I Will Survive" (feat. Nia Peeples) Writers • Freddie Perrin & Dino Fekaris Producer & Arranger • Tommy Coster Record and Mix Engineer • Tommy Coster Recorded at • Ancient Wave Studio in Nevada City, CA • @ancientwavestudios Drums Recorded at • Hightide Studios in New York

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